On The Road – Gin & Tonic – San Diego and Environs

Gin & Tonic

In October, we went to San Diego because of an event. We added on some time and did some sightseeing. Drove out to the Anza-Borrego Desert and all the way to Salton Sea, even though most jackals advised against it. It was weird, as I expected, but glad we went (although we didn’t get all the way around to Slab city and that area.) The other sightseeing was mostly along the coast: Torrey Pines, Cabrillo National Monument, up the coast toward Oceanside, that sort of thing. Really regretted having to rely on a mediocre rental car for the drive out to the desert – my Miata would have been ideal for that, especially on something like Hwy 78 out of Julian toward Ocotillo, or S22 out of Borrego Springs.

Few shots here from the digital. I was also working with an old film camera shooting Ilford B/W, but that’s still out for processing.

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