On The Road – MissWimsey – Chasing Waterfalls in Iceland


I spent seven glorious days chasing waterfalls in Iceland, a country that has been on my bucket list for a while. I’ve spent the pandemic hiking every forest preserve within a couple of hours of Chicago with my doggos. So the minute I got my second shot in April, I booked the trip. Originally it was going to be four days, but there was just so much I wanted to do that I tacked in an extra three days. Since this was a solo trip, I didn’t do anything too dangerous, like hike 12 miles up a mountain. I also mixed it up: some guided tours/activities and some self-driving activities.

During my vacation, I visited the Golden Circle, the closest to Reikjavik; the glaciers in east Iceland; and Snaefellsness Peninsula in west Iceland. I hiked to an ice cave; took a boat ride on a glacier lagoon; tried to hike up to the volcano that erupted in March (it’s no longer active although the guides say that the area has had a lot of earthquakes in recent days); and generally just explored this country that has so much natural beauty.

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