On The Road – MissWimsey – Ring Road in Iceland


I took to the Ring Road on Day 3. This road circles the island, which is about 1,400 kilometers. I was driving to Hofn in southeast Iceland, which is about 460 km. that was the longest distance I was going to drive on this trip. I did make two stops to break up the drive: Seljalandsfoss and Reynisfjara Beach. I opted to take this trip in the off season, so there wasn’t too many tourists at any of these sites, even though tourism as a whole has been down since the start of the pandemic. That applied to the roads. I saw cars regularly on the drive down to Vik y Myrdal, which is about 110 km from Reikjavik. traffic went down considerably the farther away I got from the capital. It was unnerving (I had visions of a flat tire and googling how to change it) but it didn’t stop me from continuing on my way.

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