One Time In A Million, A Coin Will Land On Its Edge! Tabs, Tues., Dec. 28, 2021

Hundreds of flights were cancelled this weekend because of COVID-19-related staffing shortages. However, getting stranded over the holidays feels like getting back to normal. (Associated Press)

If bell hooks were alive, she could explain why you’re under no obligation to support Virginia’s new Lietenent Governor Winsome Sears just because she’s Black and a woman. (New York Times)

American needs to stop jailing people because they’re poor. (The Daily Beast)

Graduate workers at Columbia University teach students, grade exams, and conduct research. They make at best just above New York City’s minimum wage (about $33,000 annually). (The Nation)

Yes, New York real estate is absurdly expensive, but there are some affordable Geneva Convention-violating apartments available. (YouTube)

Dave Barry reviews the year 2021, which he considers a variant of 2020. There are probably some other jokes, as well. (Washington Post)

Democracy faces off against autocracy in 2022. I shudder to consider where the smart money should go. (The Economist)

This is a gut-wrenching story from writer Brittany Mejia about COVID-19’s devastating impact on her family. (L.A. Times)

Seattle chefs reveal their favorite dishes to ring in the New Year. (Seattle Times)

Portland, Oregon’s beer scene did remarkably well during 2021. (The Oregonian)

Our son will demand we stop at this wacky dinosaur park when we’re in Palm Springs, California, next year. (San Francisco Gate)

Some Portland hangover cures if you overindulge Friday night/Saturday morning. (Eater)

Now I’m off to ring in 2022 with "The Twilight Zone.” Rod Serling becomes more relevant every year.

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