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Open Thread 29

I have no idea why he is in this position.

Got my covid test today, and I will know the results in 2-5 days. I don’t think I have it, but I am just exhausted and coughing up shit and feel crappy. And if I did have it, there’s not much I would do different since my oxygen levels are at like 98% and I never go anywhere anyway.

It just sucks that I started to feel like shit on Wednesday, the DAY after I went to Kroger, so now I have to worry I caught it. Ehh, whatever.

In other news, as I was getting ready to shower, I slipped on a pee pad (Lily has been having accidents- it’s hard for her to go up and down the stairs as easily) and she uses the pee pads, so it’s not like it is an issue. Fortunately it was a clean pee pad, but in order to not fall down the stairs or fall in such a way that I would injure my shoulder, I landed SQUARE on my left knee with all my weight. I just crumpled and sat there for a couple minutes and though about life choices and evaluated whether or not I had broken anything or if moving would make it worse, decided I was ok, and got up and showered and iced it before heading out for my test.

It’s swollen a bit and tender, but I can still hobble around and nothing is broken, and honestly it’s probably safer this way because I have to pay attention to what the fuck I am doing when I walk. Thinking positively, I dodged a bullet and will not have “Slipped on a pee pad” as the cause of death in my autopsy.

So there’s that.

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