Open Thread: Hey Lurkers! (Holiday Post)

looking in a large storefront window with reflections in the glass and a sign that says “Come in, We’re Open"

I thought we might have another thread for all the lurkers out there.  It’s been well a couple of months since the last one.

You may already know this, but when you post your first comment, it goes into moderation, and sometimes it takes a while for one of us to see it and free your comment so it shows up for everyone.  Once it’s released from moderation, it goes into the comments with the time-stamp for when you first submitted it, so then most people probably never see it.  So it’s not surprising that first comments often don’t get replied to.

So I thought we would try another open thread where I can keep a particular eye out for first comments that go into moderation.

Some of you guys poked your heads up on previous lurker threads; hoping to see you guys again today, too!  And a few of you have even started commenting.  :-)

In any case, it’s lurker appreciation day here on Balloon Juice!  Welcome, all.

Totally open thread.

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