Open Thread: January 6th Remembrance Continued

I thought we could use a fresh open thread. I embedded the complete remarks from Vice President Harris and President Biden above for those who may have missed it. I woke up to this, but because of the early hour, I couldn’t listen live, as the animals all needed attention first. One does not delay getting the puppy outside first thing in the morning and it was 1 degree F this a.m. so the ducks needed some TLC. I watched with my first cup of coffee and it was sweet!

How many times could President Biden call TFFG a looooser without actually saying his name? Let me count the times! Let’s Go Biden, indeed.

Amy was on fire last night:

Three more segments here

I remember when they breached the Capitol…my first text was to Adam because he’s our guy on security. I don’t remember if we texted back and forth much, I think I was too stunned.

What I remember vividly was the next day – my writing partner came over to work and our rule is, no distractions – tv, internet, or phones, unless we need to look something up in regards to what we are doing. But she walked into the house and MSNBC was on and I said, “I can’t turn it off, I’m afraid. I’m afraid for our Democracy.” She agreed and we let it play in the background. I don’t remember how much work we actually got done.

This is an open thread…


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