Oxford School Shooter’s Parents Charged

Remember yesterday when we talked about the latest school shooter’s MAGA trash parents? It was worse than we knew. Far worse.

We knew the father bought the murder weapon. Thanks to the mom’s social media feed, we now know they bought it explicitly for their son as an early Christmas present. The prosecutor said the parents failed to respond when school officials told them earlier this week about disturbing drawings and messages their kid wrote involving guns and killing.

When a teacher caught the kid researching ammo online in class and alerted the psycho mom, she sent a text to the boy that said, “LOL, I’m not mad, u just need to learn not to get caught.” That’s not even all; I’ll try to collect the other details and update the post. The big red neon SCHOOL SHOOTER signs these garbage people ignored are just unbelievable.

Updated to insert this clip:

The mom texted the kid “don’t do it” minutes after the shooting started, and the dad called 911 to report the gun “stolen” and say the shooter might be his son.

Now the parents are charged with four counts each of involuntary manslaughter. The prosecutor says that not only are the charges appropriate in this case to get justice for the victims, it’s a message for gun owners nationwide that they have responsibilities and that there will be consequences if they fail to meet them:

It’s about goddamn time. Open thread.

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