Penpot, the Vector Design Web-app Taking On Figma and Canva With FOSS, Hits Beta

"It's Open Source. It's free," says a web page at Slashdot reader kxra writes: Penpot is a free-software, web-based vector design platform using .svg as a first-class filetype used as the underlying storage for all designs. As more design teams around the world move to the convenience of multi-device synchronized and collaborative web apps, this is a welcome respite from proprietary vendor lock-in by the likes of Figma and Canva. Penpot has finally launched as Beta, with competitive features such as a template library that all creators can pull from. It's created by Kaleidos Open Source, the same team behind the project management tool Taiga for Agile teams which is taking on the likes of JIRA and Confluence with FLOSS. "Not having a free & open source UX/UI tool that would make devs participate in the design process and bridge the gap between UX/UI and code was a terrible itch for us..." explains the FAQ at But it also answers the question: why Open Source? Software Technology has the unique advantage, compared to other industries and intellectual property, of having almost zero cost to replicate itself, thus providing a wonderful chance to massively distribute the tools for a more digitally sovereign society. Besides the pure license aspect of it and its legal framework, Open Source fosters more engaging communities where the lines between user and contributor are often blurred... Penpot requires a browser, that's it. If you want to host your own Penpot instance, that's fine too. We plan to release a native app bundle later this year. There is a theme here. Universal access. That's why we love to call our product Penpot, there's nothing more personal and yet more universal than a pot full of pens. It's all about choice. Its GitHub repository already has 5,200 stars and 41 contributors.

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