Pet Calendar Update – What a Good Idea!

So many pet crushes, so little time.

Pets Are Contacting Me About The Calendar! 2

Subaru Diane suggested a pet calendar update – what a great idea!

Calendar Orders

We are going with Cafe Press again this year.  They raised the cost to us, and you guys swore a blood oath that you wouldn’t mind if we raised the price, so calendars will be $27 each this year.  We have a Calendar A and a Calendar B again this year.


We’re sticking with the December 1 goal again this year as the first day to order calendars.  They usually go out within a day or two after ordering.


Hoping the mock-ups will be done by Monday, 11/29.

Verifying Your Info

I hope to be able to put up the verification links in the sidebar by Friday 11/26.  Saturday 11/27 at the very latest.  That is your chance to correct names that are misspelled, check to make sure that all your pets are indeed in a single calendar, make sure we have a heart if you have lost your beloved pet, and that there isn’t a heart if you are still together.

Organizing The Pet Photos

Pet photos are organized into individual months and then into Calendar A and Calendar B for each months.  This is where we are now, and we are about halfway there.

Update on the Pet Rescue

An update from the pet rescue will go up soon – I asked them for an update so we can all see how our calendar dollars and donations are being put to good use!  I have received the info from the pet rescue folks… but I haven’t had a chance to put the post together yet.

What am I forgetting?


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