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We are playing a gig Saturday night (4.8.2017, 8 to 10pm) at FLO in Healdsburg. Here's the flyer I made...

With a band like 'Deadend Boyfriend' playing at a place called 'FLO', my mind immediately turned to vintage feminine product ads. The original ad featuring this fresh, confident young lady included this copy:

The way you feel is free

Today and every day, you feel free, confident, unhampered. Tampax tampons, worn internally, make this possible. Keep you feeling cool and comfortably confident, in or out of the water. They let you wear what you wish, do what you want, any day. They're the better, easier protection. Aren't you glad you discovered them?

I was hoping to use that copy and replace 'Tampax tampons, worn internally' with 'Deadend Boyfriend', but decided to keep it 'subtle'.