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I have been learning more about infrared photography, trying to really nail down how to take a decent shot and then process it. It isn't terribly complicated, but it requires a little research, practice and experimentation. You end up with images that have strangely shifted colors and light values, which you can further mess with in post-processing. If you are curious, this webpage is a pretty good introduction: photographylife.com/introduction-to-infrared-photography.

To really commit to it, you can take a digital camera and send it off to be converted, but most cameras work pretty well just using a filter you can stick in front of your lens. I am using a Hoya brand R72 filter. The gallery of my recent images is here.

[Update: I added another infrared gallery.]

The image in this post is one I made of a church in nearby Bodega: St. Theresa of Avila. Ansel Adams made a memorable photograph of it in 1953 (Church and Road, Bodega, CA). When I moved to Sebastopol almost 20 years ago, I was of course thrilled to realize it was less than half an hour from my house.