RadioShack Announces Ambitious New Cryptocurrency Exchange is now showing visitors a new message: "Bringing cryptocurrency to the mainstream..." With a 100-year-old brand, "we are going to lead the way for blockchain tech to reach mainstream adoption by other large brands." The RadioShack home page says they'll start with a "symbiosis" with Atlas USV, a community-driven project to build a universal, decentralized/widely accessible DeFi base layer. Atlas USV's "Barter" mechanism lets users purchase third-party tokens and transfer them to Atlas USV's treasury in return for discounted USV tokens. "The Atlas USV treasury can accumulate any crypto asset of its choice with this dynamic... "Once the liquidity pool surpasses other exchanges' liquidity level in any token pair, our swap efficiency will be unbeatable for that pair... "Other decentralized exchanges margins on swap fees are our opportunity.... " Or, as they explain on a more detailed web page, "We intend RadioShack to be the first protocol to pass over into mainstream usage in the history of DeFI," promising that RadioShack DeFi "will become the first to market with a 100 year old brand name that's recognized in virtually all 190+ countries in the world..." "RadioShack has one objective: Distribution and usage by millions of individuals but possibly more important, by hundreds of blue-chip, large corporations as their gateway into becoming blockchain companies." Currently there's a sign-up form for a notification when "RADIO token" launches (as well as links to their channels on Discord and Telegram). Their "Fundamentals" page explains that "It is our hypothesis that the best way for crypto to be more mainstream is for an established brand name in the tech space to lead the way." The RadioShack brand was purchased In November of 2020 by e-commerce rehabilitator REV, now listed as a collaborator on RadioShack's home page. (Ironically, the "Fundamentals" page also includes RadioShack's Super Bowl ad where there store is taken back by the 1980s.) The official Twitter feed of Radio Shack now also has the same new tagline: "Bringing Cryptocurrency To The Mainstream."

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