Report: NVIDIA’s ARM Takeover Faces Second Antitrust/National Security Inquiry

The UK's digital and cultural secretary will instruct the country's Competition & Markets Authority to conduct "an in-depth inquiry into antitrust concerns" over NVIDIA's purchase of ARM, reports the Sunday Times, "as well as scrutinise national security fears raised by the takeover...." Engadget reports: A second investigation would reportedly last about six months. After that, officials could either block the deal, approve it as-is or require concessions... The tech firm has focused its energy so far on downplaying concerns about ARM's neutrality if the deal closes, promising an open licensing model that treats customers fairly. Any second investigation wouldn't necessarily spell doom for NVIDIA's acquisition. It would suggest the government has some qualms, however, and that NVIDIA might have to make some sacrifices. At the least, the company would have to be patient — it wouldn't get UK approval until 2022 at the earliest, and it would still have to wait for other regulators before finalizing the merger. In other news, ARM has joined the Rust Foundation.

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