Repub ‘Silliness’ Open Thread: Voter Fraud Integrity Begins At Home

As a devout Cynic, I hope this is true! HBS-educated multi-millionaire Glenn Youngkin isn’t used to being challenged — with any luck, the media mudlarks who didn’t care about his background while he was simply ‘Not That McAuliffe Guy’ will discover it’s fun to push Youngkin’s buttons for a change.

Youngkin’s running around, taking victory laps, announcing at the top of his lungs that Virginia will be open for business — no more ‘burdensome’ pandemic-related restrictions once he’s in the governor’s chair!

(May Murphy the Trickster God have mercy on your souls, sane Virginians… )

But, still: trying to vote illegally *once* is an honest error, but trying it *twice* in an hour veers into ‘deliberate attempt at fraud’ territory. If Junior Youngkin is a wannabe James O’Keefe, the world and his daddy’s constituents should know sooner rather than later.

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