Robinhood Hack Also Included Thousands of Phone Numbers

The recent hack at app-based investment platform Robinhood also impacted thousands of phone numbers, Motherboard has learned. From the report: Originally, Robinhood said that the breach included the email addresses of 5 million customers, the full names of 2 million customers, and other data from a smaller group of users. Motherboard obtained a copy of the stolen phone numbers from a source who presented themselves as a proxy for the hackers. The file includes around 4,400 phone numbers. When asked if the numbers belonged to Robinhood customers, the company told Motherboard in a statement that "We've determined that several thousand entries in the list contain phone numbers, and the list also contains other text entries that we're continuing to analyze." "We continue to believe that the list did not contain Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, or debit card numbers and that there has been no financial loss to any customers as a result of the incident. We'll continue making appropriate disclosures to affected people," the statement added. Robinhood said it plans to update its blog post about the breach with the new information about the phone numbers.

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