Saturday Open Thread: Pets and More…

I could not post anything about my pets this week without acknowledging what many Coloradoans are feeling this week. The presumed loss of two people in the fire and the loss of so many pets, folks who could not get home to rescue their furry and feathered loved ones. Someone I work with lost everything, but she, her partner, and their neighbor were able to get out with their pets, and kick in another neighbor’s door and rescue his dog along the way.

As many know, the last half of 2021 was really rough here – loss of family and pets in numbers that just seemed unbearable. But I was holding it together – mostly with tissue paper and spit – but holding it together, nonetheless. Until the fire and that story. I was out buying dog food, treats and supplies for them and suddenly between the farm store and the pet store, I completely broke down – total ugly cry. I finally had to use my phone-a-friend option so someone could talk me down enough to finish up my errands. Luckily I have a lot of friends who are nurses, LOL.

Grief is a weird thing. You cannot circumvent it, no matter how hard you might try. Something, somewhere, some time will trigger it and you just got to roll with it.

So on to happier things – the face that makes me smile every day, even when she’s chewed something she shouldn’t or is chasing a cat, along with her beautiful big sis.

And here is Emma explaining to her that this is HER crate and she’s just letting Trixie borrow it:

Saturday Open Thread: Pets and More...

A full update on Trixie’s adventures if you’re interested is here: her first snow and all, she’s never going to grow into those ears. 

And this, believe it or not, was Scout, four years ago this past week:

Saturday Open Thread: Pets and More... 1

Still miss that big guy. Sigh.

Also, speaking of loss, the NYT has some really good tributes to Sidney Poitier. I watched In The Heat Of The Night last night – I own it because it is one of my favorite movies of his – and I was once again struck by how this one film defied so many film conventions of the time to make an Oscar-winning film.

This is an open thread….

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