Share Your Ideas & Questions for the Adam Schiff Book Club

This post is intended to be an opportunity for book club peeps to share:

  1. your ideas for how we might want to approach each of the themes
  2. your thoughts on questions we might want to ask Adam Schiff (if we get to ask questions)

This is a chance for everybody to toss their thoughts into the ring for consideration.

⭐ The goal of this post is to end up with a superset of all ideas, not to make decisions. ⭐

Points of Information

I will facilitate all the zooms, but I have asked a couple of people to lead/moderate discussion for three of the meetings.  I will fill that role for the other two.

Please note that the Theme number doesn’t necessarily correspond with the Meeting number – because we will be discussing Themes 2 and 5, respectively, on the evenings that Adam Schiff is able to meet with us.

When sharing your thoughts on how to approach a particular theme, please identify the theme. :-)

The questions for Adam Schiff should be related to the two themes in color below, and in your comments with proposed questions, please reference which theme your question relates to.


Theme 1.  Discussion of the book more generally, no specific theme
(discussion moderated by WaterGirl)

Theme 2. The Insurrection on Jan 6 – The Revolution Really Was Televised!
(discussion moderated by Almost Retired)

Theme 3.  What Didn’t You Know Before You Read the Book?  What Surprised You?
(discussion moderated by WaterGirl

Theme 4.  So Many Shocking Betrayals On So Many Fronts.
(discussion moderated by Subaru Diane)

Theme 5.  We’re Not Helpless Passengers On a Bad Ride – Making Our Own Shade.
(discussion moderated by Almost Retired)

Have at it!

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