Sony Is Working On 3D Scanner That Can Put Real-World Items Into Video Games

Days after detailing the technical specs of the PS VR2, Sony has updated the details of a patent to include language that says would "allow players to scan real-world items into virtual reality, making anything interactive in the VR space," reports Game Rant. From the report: This patent isn't actually anything new as Sony filed it on June 23, 2021, however, the patent office took issue with some of its claims requiring the tech giant to rework some details and resubmit. It would seem that, as of yesterday, Sony and the patent office have begun moving forward with the process following updates and revisions by Sony. [...] According to the patent mock-up, it seems as if players will be able to scan larger items than the handheld ones featured in the banana patent such as full-sized lamps. The only caveat seems to be that players will need to be able to have a 360-degree view of the item in order to bring it into the digital world. As the report notes, the patent is still being processed so we "shouldn't expect this tech to be featured in games any time soon."

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