Squishable Saturday Morning Open Thread

Yesterday for the first time in U.S. history, a woman stood by to act as U.S. president* when President Biden temporarily transferred power to Vice President Harris for 85 minutes while Biden went under anesthesia for a routine colonoscopy.

I’ve pretty much given up on the notion that the U.S. will ever elect a woman president in my lifetime, but it’s progress that women are considered competent and electable enough to serve as VP.

Biden’s doctor says the POTUS is in good health for a man his age. Refreshingly, he did not say Biden is the healthiest man to ever hold the office because of blessed genes that the good lord gave him.

Following up on the postal service situation, POTUS not only removed a DeJoy ally on the board, he announced plans to nominate two replacements, so here’s hoping the DeCrook who’s DeStroying the postal service gets DeFired DeSoon.

And speaking of DeAssholes, according to CNN, Trump is increasingly irritated with his golem Ron DeSantis:

In a matter of months, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has gone from being a shining example in Donald Trump’s eyes of a MAGA leader molded in his image to an average politician who forgot his roots as he rose to Republican stardom.

People close to both men first noticed the palpable shift in Trump’s posture toward DeSantis earlier this year as enthusiasm for the Florida governor swelled among donors and GOP operatives who praised his laissez-faire response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The more DeSantis’ popularity soared, the more obsessed Trump became with receiving credit for his political celebrity…

A statement to CNN from Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich appeared to confirm Trump’s obsession with receiving credit for DeSantis’ success. Budowich said the former President’s 2020 victory in Florida “paved the way for Republicans, including Governor Ron DeSantis, to sweep the state in 2022” and suggested that Trump “catapulted” then-Congressman DeSantis “into the Governor’s Mansion” with his endorsement in the 2018 GOP primary for Florida governor.

I’ve never wished for Trump’s success in any endeavor since I first became aware of his flaming asshole existence decades ago. But if he decides to take DeSantis down a peg or 20, I’ll be cheering the orange skidmark on. Open thread!

*If you don’t count Edith Wilson. 

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