Stiff Upper Lip and All That

C’mon people. Gird your loins or some other platitude.

Every time I write a post like the one below, a bunch of you think I am being defeatist and preaching helplessness, and that is the last thing I am doing or trying to do. I’m just trying to express where we are now, that’s it.

And where we are now should not be a surprise to anyone. This was a done deal when Hillary lost in 2016. This was the inevitable outcome. They have been planning this and working towards this for decades, and I am not saying this because I am some sort of elite political genius, but because it is WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN SAYING THEY WANT TO DO FOR DECADES. I’m obviously not talking about the useful idiots like Susan Collins, although I don’t even think she is that, she knows exactly what she is doing and I have no reason to think she is going to be anything other than happy with the outcome. She’ll pretend she is unhappy and surprised, but she’s been around long enough and been in enough meetings that she knows exactly what she is fucking doing and has done.

But the operators behind the scenes have been quite explicit that overturning Roe is what they want and they have been working on it for decades. The money guys in the GOP saw an opportunity and hitched a ride with the nutters, and it is going to pay off for them, too. They are coming for it all- gay marriage, contraception, brown, you name it, and they are gonna take out osha and the epa and anything else that gets in their way. It’s the same fucking war they’ve been fighting since FDR only this time they are winning because decades of propaganda has done its job on the population. And you thought those WWJD bracelets in the 90’s were innocent, hunh?

I’m basically of the opinion that the money guys have run a smash and grab for the last few decades, and see that the white population will no longer be the majority, and they and the religious component are just burning it all down now so that the protections and opportunities that existed for a white majority will no longer be there for the minority majority. That’s why they have been furiously gerrymandering the past year, to ensure they can keep white control as long as possible to finish gutting everything. Ending Roe and other social bullshit is the price they pay to get what they want, and they are ok with it because they can always fly their daughters and families to a blue state or overseas because the rules never apply for the rich.

The next few decades are going to be chaotic information wars with increasing civil strife, and they’ve primed and prepped their shock troops, eroded all gun laws, stacked the judiciary, and amped their goons up to think that nancy pelosi is public enemy number one. Their decades long war against the media has worked and their side only listens to that which is spoon fed to them. It’s all coming together.

Again, I don’t say this to depress you, but because you should know where we stand (at least according to me). Wasting time about things you can not control, like Roe, which is just out of our hands and has been since 2016, is pointless. Don’t feel helpless, feel pissed. Don’t throw up your hands and cower, ball them into a fist. The only fucking option is to submit or fight, and I know what I am going to do.

On the upside, we might get some solid music and art out of all this strife.

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