Stop Cuddling With Your Cat, Here’s Why! Tabs, Wed., Dec. 29, 2021

Manchin and Sinema: But are they good tho? Just kidding, Amanda Marcotte lets fuckin' FLY. (Salon)


How masks tore a city apart:

The meeting was unlike any he had ever attended. One woman cried and said wearing a mask made her feel like she did when she was raped at 17. Another read the Lord’s Prayer and said the word “agenda” at the top of the meeting schedule seemed suspicious.

SPOILER: It wasn't about masks, and it is fuuuuucked uuuuup. — New York Times

No more cloth masks, all of us. (New York mag) Hey what the fuck with the CDC's new recommendation for how long to quarantine once you test positive? A whole bunch of actual subject matter experts all What the Fuck Huh? (Salon) The optimisticish case for Omicron sort of maybe. (Noahpinion)

Former LA Raider cheerleader and Baywatch bunny a violent unhinged crazypants? Yeah yeah fine, but can we all give some love to the 80-year-old (white!) man who told her to sit her cracker ass down? — New York Post

Tubby's Capitol Riot anniversary speech. (Roy Edroso Breaks It Down)

The Trauma Plot: Fuck That. — New Yorker

Sara Benincasa has had enough of his shit. (Medium)

I am in the market for all of your Being the Ricardos pans, a film lethally infected with Aaron Sorkin Disease. If you have some, please share with the class. (New York mag / Pajiba)

New Year's Eve liquor. — Liquor

I will eat a motherfucking chocolate sandwich. (Salon)

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