Struggling To Win Subscribers, Netflix Cuts Prices in India

Nearly six years after Netflix launched its service in India, the global streaming giant is still struggling to find customers willing to pay for what is already its cheapest subscription globally. From a report: The American firm on Tuesday further lowered the subscription price in India, cutting each monthly subscription tier's cost by at least 18% and up to 60.1%. The Netflix Basic plan, which permits streaming on any device but caps the resolution at 480p, now costs 199 Indian rupees ($2.6) in India, down from 499 Indian rupees ($6.6). Netflix Standard, which improves the video resolution to HD (720p) and permits two simultaneous views, now costs 499 Indian rupees, down from 649 Indian rupees ($8.5). Netflix Premium, which offers four simultaneous views and streams in UltraHD (4K) video quality, now costs 649 Indian rupees, down from â799 ($10.5).

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