Sunday Morning Garden Chat: Wildlife of the Ozarks

Sunday Morning Garden Chat: 2

The Ozark Hillbilly, to be specific:

Top pic: This is a Wolf spider, tho I couldn’t begin to say which species. I once found a very large female on my front porch who looked especially… Different tho it wasn’t obvious as to why. Looking closer, I realized there were almost a thousand little spider eyes staring back at me. She was carrying hundreds of babies on her back. Then I made a wrong move or bumped into something causing them to scatter and I watched in amazement as they spread out over my porch floor and wall.

It was years before I learned that these holes are the calling card of the Yellow Bellied Sapsucker. They drill them into the trunks of trees and then feed on the sap and whatever bugs the sap may attract. Generally, this does not harm the tree.
Sunday Morning Garden Chat: 4

Weaver: Who doesn’t love a face full of Orb Weaver web when walking thru the woods? Protip: Carry a stick and wave it around in front of you.

Sunday Morning Garden Chat: 3

I am not a bat expert, but I think this cutie is a big brown anyway. S/he is the right size and the pics on the internet are a good match. This individual took up residence in my front porch ceiling a couple years back and it was kinda nice having somebody to greet the day with me while I had my morning coffee.
Sunday Morning Garden Chat:  Wildlife of the Ozarks

Garden Spider: You guys have seen pics of these monsters from me before, but I just can’t resist them.
Sunday Morning Garden Chat: 5

Wrangler Ants: I found these guys tending to a herd of… I don’t know what is on the underside of this sunflower leaf. I suspect they are responsible for all my sunflower heads getting chopped as soon as they bloom.
Sunday Morning Garden Chat:  Wildlife of the Ozarks 1


The ground, even in my big raised beds, is frozen. And it’s been raining or drizzling most of the past week. So I can’t do any yard work, even though we haven’t had any real snow yet this season…

What’s going on in your gardens (indoor / planning / memories), this first week of 2022?

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