Sunday Morning Open Thread, End of A Long Week Edition

Sunday Morning Open Thread, End of A Long Week Edition

By request, from commentor Dan B:

Some Jackals have requested pictures of the gift of Pre Columbian aculpture I just received. It’s a Jalisco Terra Cotta figure, Circa 100BC to AD250. From shaft burial tombs of Western Mexico.

Sunday Morning Open Thread, End of A Long Week Edition 1

And a little inspiration for a Sunday Morning…

The toy Krell created may at first glance seem familiar: It makes giant bubbles. The kind of giant bubbles performers have used for years to dazzle audiences. The kind of giant bubbles that have gained certain TikTok users followers. The kind of giant bubbles that Krell — before creating his own product, before even becoming an attorney — used to awe kids at the Boston Children’s Museum. While in college, Krell worked at the museum, which has a beloved bubble exhibit.

But making giant soap bubbles at home usually requires space and skill, Krell says. Products on the market require mixing ingredients in buckets and using large ropes or hula hoops to form impressive bubbles. Krell’s “Inormo” bubbles are different. He worked with a physics professor at Emory University to create an already mixed, soap-based solution and used it to fill containers small enough to fit in children’s hands. Each container comes with string and small wands made from recycled ocean plastic that can be used to make different types of bubbles — even bubbles within bubbles.

In other words, he found a way to bottle joy.

“I wanted to democratize giant bubbles,” Krell says. “I wanted to make it so that everyone can play with giant bubbles out of just a little bottle.”…

While working as an attorney and a toymaker, Krell also wrote a novel. It provides a fictional backstory to the bubbles.

In it, a teenage girl and her brother, who are staying in foster care while their mom goes though a 28-day drug treatment program, meet a scientist who owns a toy store that holds only one dusty product. It’s, of course, a bottle of bubbles. After the siblings and a group of homeless children they befriend learn that the toy supposedly holds magic, they try to figure out if that is true.

“The whole story is all about hope,” Krell says. “It’s not a happy-go-lucky story. It’s more like a lot of darkness and this girl and her friends are seeking out some happiness from it.”

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