T-Mobile Suffers Another Data Breach

"T-Mobile had another data breach," writes Slashdot reader motang. "This comes after the massive breach that affected millions of users this past summer." According to Android Police, a small number of accounts had their data viewed by an unknown individual -- including names, addresses, phone numbers, plan rates, and number of lines -- or fell victim to an unauthorized SIM swap, with a third subset of users facing both. From the report: For its part, the company has contacted individuals who were targeted in this breach, alerting them to specify what was or wasn't viewed and highlighting that this hacker stole no payment or password data to its knowledge. However, T-Mobile has yet to report any specifics about how many customers were directly affected. [...] It seems possible that this is another example of poor security practices, though we'll have to wait until T-Mobile delivers more information. The T-Mo Report was first to report the data breach.

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