The Cautionary Tale of Eugene the Eagle (Open Thread)

This clip of an eagle stealing a fisherman’s catch went viral recently:


EAGLE VS. FISHERMAN: A Florida fisherman caught a small shark near the Dunedin Causeway when a bald eagle came swooping in to claim it. ##news ##eagle ##nature ##florida ##fishing ##shark

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It turns out the eagle was already semi-famous, and her name is Eugene. She had a rough start in life, falling off a cellphone tower and badly breaking her leg when she was still just a fuzzy, flightless little eaglet.

Good Samaritans rescued, rehabbed and released her. But Eugene soon got in trouble again, landing briefly in jail and doing another stint in eagle rehab. The woman who first rescued her, Becky Young, recognized Eugene when she went viral this week:

“That’s Eugene!” Young said. “She finally got her white head.”

Read all about it at The Tampa Bay Times.

Open thread!

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