The Classics

I let you know on Sunday that we would  be rolling out links to some of the classic posts over the course of the week.

We’ll be naked mopping, losing the mustard, skull-fucking kittens, dining on tire rims and anthrax, faxing credenzas, reaching peak wing nut… Oh wait, that last one didn’t turn out as expected.

Well, here’s the first batch.

Naked Mopping
Falling with Lily
No, the Other Shoulder
The Lost Mustard
The Legend of Shitmas

Also in honor of Anniversary Week , if you are one of the people who would like to know when your first comment was and what you had to say, this is your first opportunity to be able to find out.  I can search on the back end, assuming you know the email address you used when you first started commenting.  Or if you have a distinctive nym, and you can tell me what that was.

In honor of Anniversary Week, I am willing to look up the first 10 people today that chime in to ask for that.  You’ll have another opportunity in a “Come Here Often?” or “How Did You Get Here?” post.

Oh, and courtesy of Steeplejack’s research, here is the story of Lily.

I Think This Is the One
Dog Planning
Strange Woman in my Bed
The Day in Lily
Rails to Trails
Morning Lily

Open thread.

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