The Matrix

I had planned to watch the Matrix tonight, got settled in the chair for a viewing session with a nice big Fresca on ice with a splash of unsweetened cranberry, grabbed the remote, started the movie, and immediately turned it off the moment the code started pouring down the screen.

I’m just not emotionally prepared for this to be bad. I have no idea if it is, as I have assiduously avoided reviews, and I would appreciate it greatly if you put no spoilers in the comments. But just the thought of it potentially being bad scared me off.

I dunno why. I guess the first one brings back so many memories. I was in grad school, at a really good but tumultuous time in my life, and I remember going and seeing it 4-5 times in the theater. The story was great, and for nerds, along with a couple other movies (Wargames, Sneakers, Hackers, Johnny Mnenomic, were popular ones, there were others much less so, etc.), it was really groundbreaking.

The soundtrack was amazing, the bullet time tech was astonishing. It was all just so cool and new and fresh.

And now, as an old, I don’t want that excitement, which is still there when I think of the Matrix, tarnished.

Does that make sense?

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