The RTX 3090 Ti is NVIDIA’s New Flagship GPU

At its CES press conference today, NVIDIA teased a new flagship GPU: the RTX 3090 Ti. It says more details will arrive soon, but handed out a few specs to tide its fans over until then. From a report: As a refresher, NVIDIA currently has the RTX 3090 at the top of its stack, with the RTX 3080 Ti close behind and the RTX 3080 as the mainstream flagship. All three are based on the same GA102 chip, with the number of active cores, clock speeds and memory configurations being the key differentiators. The RTX 3090 Ti will usurp the 3090 as the ultra high-end GPU outside of its creator line. Like the 3090, the 3090 Ti will have 24GB of GDDR6X memory, except it'll be running at 21Gbit/s, as opposed to the 19.5Gbit/s of the 3090's memory. NVIDIA also says the GPU is capable of calculating 40 shader teraflops, 78 RT teraflops and 320 tensor (AI) teraflops That compares to the 3090's 35.6 shader teraflops, 69.5 RT teraflops and 285 tensor teraflops.

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