There’s a Fungus Among Us

One of my things this winter is growing mushrooms. In the past, I had tried some of those kits you can buy that come in a cardboard box ready to go, but I wanted to do something more hands on and more cost effective. Those premade kids are very spendy.

I did a bunch of surfing the internet and I found two mushroom purveyors I liked, one dude was the Mushroom Man of Peotone, who seemed like my kind of dude and was super passionate and also doing this to pay for his kid’s way through college, and another guy named Charles from G.P. Mushrooms. I liked him because his videos were sometimes out of focus and jerky, a form I appreciate and emulate, and because it’s clear he does it as efficiently and as thriftily as possible. Basically, I tried to avoid folks that require you to have this elaborate setup where you have to become a MUSHROOM GUY in order to succeed, I just wanted to find normal people I could relate to who were having success. I just want to explore and have fun and maybe grow some good tasting stuff for a small price.

At any rate, I got my first kits under way, and I will throw some pictures up when anything interesting happens. I am keeping them under my second desk in the office which never gets direct sunlight and is surrounded by all my plants this winter, so the mushrooms will not become a victim of my issues with object permanence and forgetting to take care of them.


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