This Party Is Over, But the Next One Is Just Beginning

After this post, the (anniversary) Party is Over, unless Betty Cracker or someone else sneaks in an anniversary post before midnight!

Here’s an awesome video of Lily and Rosie and Guesley!

I want to give another shout-out to Steeplejack for all the time he spent and energy he expended helping to find the classic posts.

John Cole Registers as a Democrat
Tunch’s Cat Tower (did not get the reception Cole hoped for!)

In this last anniversary post, can we also talk about the commenters we miss and why?  (If we build it, they will come?)  And in the spirit of “make new friends, but keep the old”, if you have a favorite commenter or a front-pager who’s still here that you really appreciate, feel free to chime in with that too and tell us why.

And a few more classic posts for your reading pleasure.

First Meeting with Steve
Say Hello to Steve
Steve Gets ‘Tutored’

Doggie Drama Update
Rosie’s Adoption is Official
Rosie Is One of the Pack

Ginger, Thurston and Lovey!

There are so many more of Thurston and the whole crew that i will just link to all of them in a comment below.

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