Thursday Evening Open Thread: Leader Pelosi

In an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday, inside the Capitol where a mob loyal to Donald Trump had laid siege, Pelosi said it’s time for the country to turn to its “better angels,” draw from history and ensure a day like Jan. 6 never happens again.

“Make no mistake, our democracy was on the brink of catastrophe,” Pelosi told the AP.

“Democracy won that night,” she said. “These people, because of the courageous work of the Capitol Police and Metropolitan Police and others, they were deterred in their action to stop the peaceful transfer of power. They lost.”

Sitting beneath a portrait of George Washington, Pelosi drew heavily on the founders’ vision for a country where Americans would have many differences but rely on common sense to resolve them.

She referred to Lincoln’s efforts — insisting on constructing the dome of the Capitol despite naysayers during the Civil War — to underscore national unity.

“We cannot shirk our responsibility. We have the power and we have the responsibility and we will live up to that to keep our country together,” she said.

“Let’s hope that we never elect a president who will incite an insurrection on the Congress of the United States.”…

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