Thursday Evening Open Thread: This Year’s Festivus Miracle

Not much of a miracle, but it’s not much of a holiday (yet). It’s all over the twitterverse: TFG did a Faux News interview with Candace Owens, and made mouth noises:

The Vaccine is one of the greatest achievements of mankind… All three vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J) are very good… The vaccines work – If you take the vaccine you are protected… People aren't dying when they take the vaccine…

If you click on the link, it’s pretty clear that neither participant in the exchange has any real interest in what the other one is saying. But it does seem like his handlers are trying to gin up a new ‘more presidential’ Trump for the big year-end media push — his hair isn’t dyed, he’s not waving his tiny hands around, and frankly it sounds to my cynical ears like like they’ve put the old man on some kind of psychotropic medication. Although that may just be the contrast with Owens, who is obviously alarmed by the failure of all her favorite Conjure Words to deter open apostasy.

(She also reminds me of the putative definition of yammer as a combination of yap and hammer; consider yourself forewarned.)

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