Thursday Morning Open Thread: VROOM!

Which gives me an excuse to highlight a comment from last weekend:


November 13, 2021 at 2:46 pm

@Amir Khalid: Psaki should read a statement from the President: “I’m not sure who this Brandon guy is, but it’s great that he’s got so many people cheering him on.”

Psaki should announce that Biden will invite Brandon to the White House to test drive his electric Corvette the day it arrives.

Picture this photo op: Brandon behind the wheel, Biden in shotgun. Biden slaps the roof and shouts “Let’s go, Brandon!” They burn rubber down the driveway as the SS looks on in horror.

Poor Brandon Brown would probably approve…

The “Let’s go Brandon” chant dates to an Oct. 2 trackside interview, conducted by an NBC Sports reporter with NASCAR driver Brandon Brown after he won a race. The crowd was chanting “F— Joe Biden,” but the reporter heard the chant as “Let’s go Brandon” and wrongly said on air that the crowd was showing its support for the driver.

Some conservatives latched on to the discrepancy, attributing a conspiratorial motive to the mix-up, without evidence, and citing the brief exchange as an attempt by a media outlet to hide dislike for Biden. Greg Hughes, a spokesman for NBC Sports, declined to comment…

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