Thursday Night Open Thread: Trixie at 9 Weeks

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Here is her 8.5-week portrait. We’ll try for 9.5 this weekend.

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So when they said crate training, I’m pretty sure they didn’t mean ON TOP OF THE CRATE.

Trixie at 9 Weeks

After an evening of zoomies and harassing Scout, time for a power nap.

So far she’s been a dream puppy, lulling me into a false sense of confidence. She’s sleeping through the night and asks to go outside for potty. She did have an accident in her crate today – crate training is still stressing her out, so not a surprise.

Funny crate story – this a.m. she was howling at the top of her lungs and it completely upset the ducks, they rushed to the patio door and made about as much noise as she did. But it startled her enough she was quiet long enough I could let her out. Which settled the ducks right down. My critters are weird.

Today she and Scout really made a connection, I’m not sure why, I just keep an eye out to make sure play doesn’t get too rough. Trixie already has a bruised and swollen toe – first, it got shut in a door and then, after it seemed almost healed, she was winding around Scout’s legs and Scout stepped on the SAME toe, because that’s what happens when you’ve banged your toe…

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