At American Greatness, Benjamin Braddock says right-wingers should stop imaging that there might someday be a "national divorce."
Every now and then an absurd idea enters the discourse and picks up a sort of memetic traction in spite of itself. The latest such idea is that of a “national divorce” in which Blue America and Red America decide they’ve had enough of each other and call it quits. It popped up most recently when U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) broached the idea on Twitter, but the idea has been entertained by liberal figures as well, most recently the comedienne Sarah Silverman.
Why is it "an absurd idea"? Because, Braddock says, those evil libs will never allow it, at least not in a mutually acceptable form.
The kind of national divorce conservatives have in mind is the amicable separation that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin sought when they introduced the term “conscious uncoupling” to the cultural lexicon. A world in which two parties could break up without losing everything. It’s an appealing idea. But when liberals say they’re considering a national divorce, they mean they want to take your kids, half your money (plus monthly payments), have you living in a dismal studio apartment furnished solely with an air mattress and a microwave, all while continuing to nag you relentlessly and blame you for their problems.
(I guess that kid with the super-small Manhattan apartment haunts Braddock's dreams. Believe me, even those of us who live here think that space is snug. None of us would wish that on anyone.)
Liberalism is fundamentally an ideology of regime change. Those on the Left are never satisfied with dominating the areas they already have, in fact they grow quickly bored with governing them, as can be seen in cities like San Francisco and Seattle. They are always looking beyond the limits of the city to the wide and wild frontier. This is their doctrine of Manifest Predestination—that the arc of history is long but it bends towards a pride flag and BLM sign in front of every house in West Virginia.

The moment that a conservative breakaway nation achieved independence and success there would be plans already underway for color revolutions and occupation by gender diverse commissars. They will never leave us alone. And they will never let us go. Why would they?
Why would we let you go? Um ... because we hate you? Because we know you hate us? Because we know you want to ban all abortions in America, force us to accept concealed AR-15s in Times Square, and never, ever allow a transition from fossil fuels? Because we understand that you don't think we deserve to vote, and that you don't think any election we win is legitimate? I have more reasons. Do you have all night?
Just as Pharaoh resisted the emigration of the Israelites, so would liberals and progressives resist their best milk cows leaving for greener pastures. Conservatives are too valuable to let go. It is our labor that keeps this whole system going.
As Roy Edroso said in response to this, "the fella seems to have a confused idea as to who's paying the bills around here. (Google 'red state blue state taxes')." The counties Joe Biden won in 2020 account for 70% of the nation's economy.
... This is the land of my parents and our grandparents and great-grandparents. If anyone is going to leave, it’s going to be the carpetbaggers. I was born here and, by God’s grace, I’m going to die here.
I'm married to a Mayflower descendant. But go on, Benjamin.

Braddock does go on, at great length, but after telling us that liberals are vicious hegemonists who want to control True Patriots' lives, he reveals that this is pure projection: His solution is for the right to control our lives, forever:
Purge the grifters and incompetents. Bring back the old sharks and have them train a new generation in the art of election warfare. And once in power, actually use that power to purge or destroy the institutions responsible for brainwashing so many of our countrymen. The Right has to articulate and act on a positive vision for America and break out of this learned helplessness that we find ourselves in as we point and object while the other side steadily achieves their goals. We have to learn from the Left in order to defeat it.

That doesn’t mean copying their framing, narrative, or tactics, but understanding their basic will to power and strategy and adapting our approach to effectively combat it. America lost Vietnam in large part due to our failure to appreciate the Maoist doctrine of political warfare. We were not fighting the same war the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese were fighting. We see echoes of that playbook again, but this time in our own country.

We could survive losing Vietnam, we cannot survive losing America. No surrender, no retreat, no compromise. This ends in complete victory for them or us. The sooner that the entire right wing of American politics realizes that, the better the odds are that the victory will be ours.
Wait -- did he say we have a Maoist "will to power"? You'll have to excuse me a minute -- I'm laughing too hard to continue writing. Will to power? We can't even get Kyrsten Sinema to show up to a Senate caucus meeting if she has a vacation planned.

Braddock insists that "This ends in complete victory for them or us" because nothing will satisfy him -- or much of the rest of the right -- short of our complete subjugation or elimination. As for me, I'm with Greene -- let's start negotiation the right's departure from America right now. Let's call it "Foxit." Let 'em run their little tyranny outside our borders, rather than inside.