Twas The Night Before… Turkey

Some good news today with that Arbery verdict. I was sure those shitheads were guilty, but in America, I was not even remotely positive about them being found guilty. So I was pleasantly surprised with the verdict, but it’s not going to bring back Arbery, nor is it going to change the corrupt system that wouldn’t hqve even charged these murderers unless one of the racist twats hadn’t released the footage of them on the hunt. And I know every American deserves legal defense and what not, but fuck Laura Hogue and she and her cohorts should at the very least face public chastising for their racist fucking bullshit.

In other news, I made the mistake to go out of the house today for groceries, and I won’t be doing that again until this holiday bullshit settles down. I’m so used to my midweek grocery that I forgot all about Thanksgiving crowds, and man they did not let me down. Every worst display of humanity from talking on phones while driving, cutting people off, flipping the finger as they drove, leaving carts everywhere, standing in the middle of aisles blocking shit. I can handle people individually and in small groups, but get a bunch of you together, and man you suck.

And everything was jam packed. Even Frederico’s, my little Italian grocer was just slammed. I got my staples (gallon of olive oil, a large glass container of anchovies, some hard cheese) and GTFO. Never seen the place so slammed before.

Tomorrow I am heading to Gerald’s, and I am excited about that because it means I will not be eating turkey dinner for the next week, turkey sandwiches and turkey salad the entire week after that, and turkey soup the next three months. That is what I call a win.

In other home news, I had my first plant fatality this fall- a beautiful green and red maranta just up and slowly died. No idea if I over or under watered or the move from one side of the house to the other killed it, or if the leaves just fell off for the winter. Poor thing didn’t have a… prayer.

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