Verify Your Pet Calendar Info Today! (Sunday Edition)

We’re still shooting for 2022 Balloon Juice Pet Calendars to be available for order on December 1.

But we need your help to make our deadline!

Open Thread, 60 Minutes, I Will Vote Concert

We have 350 pet pics for the calendar, so there are two BJ Pet Calendars again this year.  We are calling them Calendar A and Calendar B.

If you submitted photos of more than one pet, all of your pets have been placed in either Calendar A or Calendar B.

Please check the Pet Calendar links in the sidebar.

This is your chance to make sure we get it right.

If your pet is no longer with us, you can have a heart next to their name, if you like.

Please check for:

  • Are all of your pets listed with your nym?
  • Is the spelling of your pet’s name correct?
  • Are ALL of your pets listed with the same calendar?  (look for either A or B)
  • Is the word “heart” there if you should have a heart for your pet?  And empty if it should be empty?

The pages in the sidebar aren’t posts, so you can’t comment there.

🐇  If anything is incorrect for your pets, or if you have questions, please comment in this thread to let me know about it.

🐇  Even if you find your nym in Calendar A, please check Calendar B to verify that one of your pets didn’t accidentally land in the other calendar.

🐇  I am pretty sure I left out some hearts, so please check the heart column carefully!

🐇  We have multiple Nancy’s who submitted without a name or a nym, or maybe nancy was the nym.  Anyway, I don’t know how many of these are from the same “Nancy”.  If you guys can clarify, that would be helpful.  I am pretty sure that Daffodil and Holly’s Nancy is different from the others.  I think the O’Driscol Nancy is different from the others, too.  But I don’t know about the owners of Katie and PJ.

Verify Your Pet Calendar Info Today!

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