Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Happy Holidays!

A real holiday present, if we can keep the Repubs from screwing it up, again:

CNN is clearly attempting to cherry-pick ‘frivolous, reckless liberal giveaways’ — e-bike credits! salmon conservation! — but it’s hard to demonize childcare and college completion assistance:

A majority of the funding is focused on transforming the nation’s social safety net by reducing the cost of child and health care, as well as combating climate change.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the legislation would increase the deficit by $367 billion over the next 10 years. But the White House has worked to make the case that the bill will be fully paid for when accounting for a proposal to enhance tax enforcement, which the CBO excluded.

The bill passed the House in November but faces a tough road in the Senate, where it is expected to undergo some changes. As currently written, the legislation would create universal pre-K, send families an enhanced child tax credit and provide beefed-up subsidies on the Affordable Care Act exchanges…

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