Wet Mountain Animal Welfare (2021 Report to Balloon Juice)

Wet Mountain Animal Welfare Put Our Money To Good Use!

Between Pets of Balloon Juice Calendar sales for 2021 and donations that included a mention of Balloon Juice,  we contributed $4,465 to the pet rescue.

To every BJ peep who bought a calendar (or 10!) or made a donation – take a minute to pat yourselves on the back.  It sounds like what we contributed made a big difference.

Everything changed because of Covid, and that was no different for Wet Mountain Animal Welfare.

So their focus and expenditures for 2021 are different than in previous years.  They were able to increase their aid for low-income spay and neuter, vaccinations, and urgent medical needs.  They were able to offer bridge loans for emergencies, and they channelled more of their energy and their funds to helping individual cases.

This post includes a short summary of what they were able to accomplish with our help, and if you want to learn more, you can read all about the guys who are pictured below and learn about how Wet Mountain (WMAF) was able to help all of them.  Plus a few more!

Wet Mountain Animal Welfare 2021 Report to Balloon Juice

Wet Mountain Animal Welfare 2021 Report to Balloon Juice

The extra monies (from Balloon Juice!) allowed us to get involved in more cases, and more extensively, resulting in us having more impact through humane advisements with owners.

It also helped us to cement reciprocal connections with the shelters, rescues, and vet clinics outside of Custer County.

One Story to Get You Started

Niko and Koko

A well-meaning local approached us for help with some kittens being over produced at a friend’s house. The adults were pets, but free-roaming and intact, so they just kept reproducing. The friend was concerned for the kits going into winter and caught them up and took them home, but was afraid she would have to rehome them due to the expense of initial med care (vet check, vax and eventual neuter). She asked for help with the bills and/or rehoming. We made an agreement with her to cover a certain percentage and she was able to keep both boys.

You can find the full report and all the stories here.

For the Math Lovers

Balloon Juice contributed $4,465.00 to the pet rescue.

Medical, urgent, emergency and loans, WMAF spent $1789 on 10 kittens, 6 cats, and 5 dogs.

Typical rescue costs for cats:  neuter is $180.00, spay is $250.

Typical rescue costs for dogs: neuter is $300.00, spay is $350.

Other Projects

–Pet Waggin – dog and cat chow, dry and canned, at the Share and Care Center in town, two times a month. We have very consistent donors, so we can make sure that the food is higher quality

–Making free tags with phone number and pet name.

–We have a chip reader so that people who find animals on the weekend can get a chip read when the vet is closed.

–Facebook group and Facebook page (under construction) and website, are becoming the ‘go to” places that people with pet problems or questions can reach out. So we educated along the way, when you have an audience willing to absorb the message.

–WMAW Facebook group, our website, and our googlevoice mail are in constant use, from Lost and Found posts, to rehoming, to general help questions.  There is no way to count the number of pets we have aided through the social media network.

Going Forward Into the New Year

Continue to be available to aid, assist and educate.

Fundraiser auction (online) is under construction.

Pop ups with recycled, donated pet supplies and educational flyers.

In case you want to make a donation – beyond buying the calendars – click DONATE on the page below.

Wet Mountain Animal Welfare

Be sure to make a note with your donation so they know it’s from a Balloon Juice person!


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