What Were Your Top 10 Posts Of 2021? It Is A Secret And You Will NEVER KNOW

It's so funny. Back in the old days, we would look back on a year, and it would be like "Oh there's a good thing that happened last year!" and "Oh something good might happen next year!" What silly days the old days were.

But it is the eve of the new year (NOT THE "STEVE" OF THE NEW YEAR) and that means we are going to have some year-end wrap-up posts, and the first one is always the one where we count down the top 10 posts of the whole year. This year, two themes emerged. Six of the top 10 posts are in some way related to the terrorist attack Donald Trump incited against the Capitol and indeed the whole country on January 6. Five of them came from that month, as we all just sat there with our jaws dropped like "Is this really happening?"

It was happening. We managed to get the rightful president inaugurated. But shit, we are hanging on by a thread, and we all know it.

Anyway, top 10 countdown yee haw!


Terrorists Who Stormed Capitol Getting Fired From Their Not-So-Blue-Collar Jobs


For 'Climate Day,' Shirtless Joe Biden Washes Electric Car In White House Driveway


Matt Gaetz And Jim Jordan Begged Trump To Call Off Rioters, Because They Knew Damn Well Who Sent Them


Melania Trump Sends Ghostwritten Fuck-You Notes To White House Staff


Ted Cruz Just Wondering Why Black People Insist On Celebrating Black People He Doesn’t Like


Innocent Man Spent 22 Years In Prison Because Teen Didn't Want To Tell His Dad He Bought Drugs


Maddow Devoted Half Her Show Last Night To TRUUUUUUUUCK, And It Was Great


Woman Who Took Private Jet To Capitol Riots Will Have To Manage Her Life Coaching Website In Jail


Perfectly Sane Trump Insists He’d Have Attended Biden’s Inauguration If He’d Known No One Wanted Him There



Giuliani Thinks Trump Should Just Tell The Senate Why He Ordered The Code Red


See? They weren't all about coup, or terrorist attack. One was about TRUUUUUUCK! And a couple others were about other things!

And now this post is over, just like this year.

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