Which Developers Were Paid the Most in 2021?

InfoWorld reports reveals this year's highest-paying software developer roles according to Robert Half's 2022 Salary Guide (which uses research conducted this summer on America's average salary range for the 50th and 75th percentile of applicants): The highest paying non-C-suite role in 2021 is the cloud architect. Organizations are looking for talented engineers to guide their digital transformation efforts. Cloud/network architect: $153,750-$180,500 Applications architect: $150,500-$180,250 Software developer job titles have proliferated in recent years, and there is a clear need for mobile and applications developers, who get paid on average far better than their colleagues still working on mainframes. Software and applications manager: $142,500-$166,250 Mobile applications developer: $137,250-$163,750 Senior software engineer: $135,250-$162,250 Software engineer: $124,500-$147,250 Software developer: $122,250-$142,750 Developer/programmer analyst: $112,500-$133,750 Developers responsible solely for web applications get paid on a slightly different scale than standard software developer job titles. Senior web developer: $128,750-$151,000 Web developer: $111,000-$131,500 Front-end developer: $93,250-$107,750 The salary guide's web page also offers a search form that lets you adjust salaries to a selected cities (also showing what the lower salaries would be in the 25th percentile for applications new to the role and still acquiring relevant skills). The page calls tech-sector recruiting "especially active," with employers hiring tech professionals "at or beyond pre-pandemic levels." In fact, 52% of tech employers said they were adding new positions, with 49% offering signing bonuses to new employees, and hiring is especially strong in areas like cloud services, AI/machine learning, and data analysis. One perk being offered more frequently by tech-oriented businesses: unlimited time off.

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