Who Loves Big Gretch?

Who loves Big Gretch?  Not the song, the governor!

This is a multi-part post, and I’ll come back to that in a minute.

First off, thank you everyone for what we just did for the Native vote in Wisconsin!  And for the Native vote in Arizona!

Omnes said it best on Thursday, I think:

If I have my sums and times right, this blog has been responsible for raising over $150,000 for Four Directions in two months. That is something that will do a lot of good and something we should be proud of.

Could we a big round of applause for WaterGirl? One for the double match people. One for the Balloon Juice angels? And, finally, one for everyone who donated and/or publicized this effort. Well fucking done!

Well, his math was good, but his timeframe was slightly off.  We were responsible for raising over $150,000 for Four Directions in just one month.  In three weeks, to be exact!

You will see that the thermometer below is just an image of the thermometer, not a clickable link, which brings me to part two of this post.

We are done with high-dollar fundraising until February.  I’m sure DougJ will be putting up thermometers for various groups or candidates in the meantime, but nothing where we’re trying to raise a high-dollar amount for a certain cause in a particular timeframe.


And now for more exciting news about Wisconsin.

Mousebumples 🕊returned from her week-long trip with some angel match money that we no longer needed because we had met our goal while she was gone.  I had a bright idea – we were just 2,147 away from $28,000, and I thought that if we raised an even $30,000 we could see if the external double-match donors might be willing to double-match the extra $5,000.

If so, that would mean $15,000 more for the Native vote in Wisconsin, made possible by the $2,147 from Mousebumples 🕊.  I felt that we could make the ask to the double-match folks if we hit $5k extra, but I didn’t feel we could do that when we were $3k over our goal.

*Reminder: we have a $1k angel paper check that doesn’t show up in the thermometer.

We decided to try to leverage the $2k that Mousebumples had available, and Four Directions jumped at the chance.  We are now waiting to hear back from Four Directions about whether the donors will jump at the chance.  Fingers crossed!

Who Loves Big Gretch?


As I mentioned, we are done with high-dollar fundraising until February.  But what if we could do for Michigan what we did for Wisconsin?  Which was offer to raise $25k (with a double-match) in time for Wisconsin to be part of their early money / early planning decisions in December.

I asked whether our “credit” with Four Directions might be good enough for them to be able to include Michigan in their early money / early planning decisions in December, even though we wouldn’t start raising money for that until February. (Remember, Michigan is only on their list as the first runner-up for 2022, not as one of the 4 key states.)

And they said yes!

This could be a game-changer for Michigan, just as our efforts this month have been a game-changer for Wisconsin.

So…  Who loves Big Gretch? The Michigan legislature can’t be trusted.  Who wants to make sure she’s still governor in 2024?  Who wants to help remove some of the obstacles that are there at every turn for Native folks?  Who wants to help give a voice to Native people in Michigan?

Are you guys up for a big effort starting February 1 to give Michigan a great-big present in time for Valentine’s Day?

If you are, Four Directions will start looking for double-match donors for us and will include Michigan in their early planning and decision-making in December.

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