Why January Is The Best Time To Cancel Your Gym Membership. Tabs, Tues., Jan. 4, 2022

Liberals, moderates, even the motorheads and geeks think Stacey Abrams is a righteous lady. (New York Times)

Does Ghislaine Maxwell have a get-out-of-jail-free card? I doubt it personally, as she would’ve cashed in a while ago. (The Guardian)

The pandemic has jacked up the nation’s public health system, which wasn’t great shakes previously. (Washington Post)

The language police suggests you stop saying “no worries” in 2022 because honestly, isn’t everything a bother nowadays? Don’t lie to people. (The Daily Beast)

Chelsea Pope kicks off a new year of dragging Kyrsten Sinema. (Twitter)

NASCAR isn’t sure if it should play along with this “Let’s Go, Brandon” silliness. (CNN)

Should the GOP’s complete surrender to Donald Trump get us down? Probably. (The Economist)

What if cars could keep your drunk asses from driving? (NPR)

Some progressive bad asses to watch in 2022. (The Nation)

The documentary celebrating Betty White’s 100th birthday will still air but with a new title. She was less than three weeks away. Let’s just round up and call it good. (L.A. Times)

I must return to Maui for the flying saucer sandwich, a combination of a grilled cheese and Sloppy Joe. I do not plan on making it to 100, even if you round up. (Bloomberg)

It rained fish in Texarkana, Texas. This is apparently something that can happen. (USA Today)

This Seattle wine shop in Phinney Ridge will help you pair novels with your bottle of wine. That should perk up your book club. (Eater)

No one could play nasty with a smile like the great Betty White.


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