Why You Only Have Just Two Days Left To Buy Christmas Presents. Tabs, Wed., Dec. 1, 2021

More children died on the altar of America’s gun obsession. (Detroit News)

Donald Trump’s stooges are successfully taking over key election posts. Seems like someone should do something, but we don’t want to offend people. (Washington Post)

President Joe Biden won Wisconsin last year but Republicans have gerrymandered themselves a map that guarantees a 6R-2D seat split in the House of Representatives. (Twitter)

Author Alice Sebold wrote a 400-word apology to the man she mistakenly identified as her rapist and helped send to jail for 16 years. Seems like you’d need at least 1,000 words to cover everything. My aunt could lap 400 words in a thank-you note. (The Daily Beast)

The trial is set to begin for Kimberly Potter, the flaky cop who mistook her gun for a taser and fatally shot Daunte Wright in April. (New York Times)

TV personality Mehmet Oz is running for the US Senate seat from Pennsylvania. It’s not inconceivable that he could win, and no, I won’t call him “doctor.” (CNN)

Can Brittany Ramos DeBarros beat the odds in New York’s 11th congressional district. I hope so. (The Nation)

No one wanted to read Chris Christie’s book or, worse yet, buy it. (Gawker)

Josephine Baker is the first Black woman inducted into France’s Pantheon. (NPR)

Ibram X. Kendi on why certain people insist “anti-racist” is no different from “anti-white.” (The Atlantic)

The conservative legal group Judicial Watch is suing the state of California over its new law that require at least one woman on a corporate board. Women are half the population. (Associated Press)

CNN has suspended Chris Cuomo indefinitely. Christmas with the Cuomos should be interesting this year. (Variety)

Today would’ve been visionary comedian Richard Pryor’s 81st birthday.


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