Wonkette’s Top Ten Stories Of The Week Are Just Extremely Normal, Okay?

Hello, and welcome to what is kind of our first top ten of the year primarily featuring stuff that was written in this, the year 2022. What have I got for you this morning? It is a sitcom called "Normal Life" featuring Dweezil and Moon Unit Zappa, based on their life with their dad, Frank Zappa. Did you know this was a thing that existed? Because I sure did not.

I haven't actually watched it, but I'm sure it's, you know, interesting.

Normal Life with Dweezil Zappa circa 1990 www.youtube.com

And now here are your top ten posts of the week!

10. Freedom-Loving Orange County Deputy DA Dies Of Freedom

9. The 'Vaccine Police' Guy Trying To Citizen's Arrest Your Governor Is A Former Snake Oil Salesman

8. Wonkette’s First 2022 Live Chat Has Already Forgotten Former Acquaintances

7. Twitter Won't Have Marjorie Taylor Greene To Kick Around Anymore

6. When Dick Cheney Is The Best The Republican Party Has To Offer, You Are Seditionist Pork-F*ck Trash

5. Your 2021 Wonkette Legislative Hero Has A Cheney In It, For First And Last Time Ever

4. Meatball McPeenerToilet Didn't Like Merrick Garland's Speech, So There's One Yelp Review

3. Devin Nunes Rides Cow Into Sunset

2. OAN Host Very Mad About AOC's Melanin-Deprived Boyfriend

1. Let Wonkette's Top Ten Stories Of The Week Help Nurse Your Hangover

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